Which bars or breweries offer craft beer in Barcelona?

The growing boom of breweries that offer craft Beer in Barcelona is gaining more and more strength in the last year, showing that it is not just a temporary fad.

With more bars offering a wider variety of beers from around the world, it is not hard to find the ideal spot to enjoy a good craft beer in our beautiful Catalan city.

So that our guests and friends from Sweet BCN Accommodations, can enjoy the tastes, textures, and aromas of the several kinds of this delicious product that we can find in Barcelona, we have created a list with our favorite craft beer breweries in the city.

So hop lovers, take note and prepare yourselves to have an unforgettable and refreshing experience.

The best bars or breweries that offer craft beer in Barcelona city

 The Cerveteca. Barcelona Brewery

1.- La Cerveteca 

Calle Gignás 25 – Gothic Neighborhood

The Cerveteca is one of the first bars in Barcelona to offer the craft or artisan beer, and being pioneers they remain among the best.

Just like they describe it themselves, the Cervecera is a cultural meeting place that revolves around beer and everything related to it.

At this bar, you will not only taste beers from around the world, craft or not, but you will also find information about the beer culture and will have the opportunity to take part of a workshop or tour always, related with the world of beer.

It is nearly impossible to not find a beer to your taste in this phenomenal spot.

Biercab Barcelona Craft Beer

2.- Biercab

Calle Muntaner 55 – Eixample

With 30 taps each serving a unique fresh beer simultaneously, Biercab Barcelona is the ideal restaurant-bar for the lovers of a good craft beer.

Spacious yet welcoming space that allows us to delight ourselves with very good gastronomy, the Biercab also has a specialized shop in case you want to take your favorite beer home.

kaelderkold craft beer bar

3.- Kaelderkold 

Calle Cardenal Casañas 7 – Gothic Neighborhood

In a small side street just off the famous Ramblas of Barcelona, you find the craft beer brewery Kaelderkold.

In a small space with great atmosphere, they offer their clients 15 taps with high quality imported beer.

It is the ideal spot to get away from the crowds of the historic city center of Barcelona, enjoying a good craft beer.

homo sibaris craft beer brewery Barcelona

4.- Homo Sibaris

Plaza Oscar 4 – Sants

The Homo Sibaris is the brewery by excellence of the neighborhood of Sants. Besides their selection of artisan beers they are also producers, so you should not miss out trying their own line of craft beer: Sants.

Regarding their tapas and dishes to accompany our fresh drinks, at this bar you will not be disappointed with their gastronomy since they pay special attention to the products they use, understanding perfectly the beer-food pairing that makes a good beer even better.

The Homo Sibaris also offers courses, beer tasting, and workshops for the lovers of craft beer.

Ale&Hop Barcelona Craft Beer Bar

5.- Ale&Hop 

Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere 10 – Borne

This small temple of craft beer located in the central Borne neighborhood has 10 shooters serving different varieties. To accompany their delicious beers, this lovely place serves vegetarian and vegan food of great quality, worthy of competing with any restaurant of the style. At the Ale&Hop we can always find a good atmosphere, relaxed and laid back.

El Abirradero - Brewpub Barcelona
6.- El Abirradero 

Carrer Vila i Vilà 77 – Poble Sec

The Brewpub El Abirradero looks to be the main character in the rebirth of the historic neighborhood of Poble Sec. Located at the same place where the emblematic restaurant Abrevadero, from whom it takes its name, this craft brewpub in Barcelona has the European record with its 40 beer taps, from which half of them are produced by themselves at the Instituto de la Cerveza Artesana (Artisan Beer Institute), located at the same street number 73. Their passion for beer and innovation shows in the quality of the products they offer. The ideal place to taste original beer and delicious dishes elaborated with our favorite brew.

What 6 are not enough?

Your passion for craft beer asks for more?

You have nothing to worry about!

Barcelona has many spots where to quench your thirst with a good cold beer, of quality, and craft. We cannot list them all or we would not have time to enjoy them, but we have to thank our friends from Walk with Me and All Those that have created a map with craft beer breweries in Barcelona very complete and bilingual, which you can find here.

And if you already are an expert in craft beers and would like to prepare your own, we have the perfect store where to find the ingredients necessary for your next big creation.

At Family Beer, located in the neighborhood of Gracia, you may find ingredients in bulk and mixes of the most delicious varieties. So learn well that maybe your own beer will be served at one of our favorite bars.

 Family Beer Barcelona Craft Beer store

Which is your favorite craft beer bar in Barcelona?


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