Black Friday in Barcelona

Black Friday originated in the United States and it is the day to do some serious shopping and get amazing deals for your Christmas presents, as it marks the beginning of the official Christmas Shopping season. Black Friday comes a day after Thanksgiving and falls anywhere between the 23rd and the 29th of November. 

Black Friday was coined in the 60’s after hand held accounting. The red indicates a loss and black indicates profit. Shops would get rid of their “red” stocks to bring them to the “black” side, meaning they would make a profit from their essential “loss”.

Black Friday is usually a holiday unless you work in retail, meaning you may even have to be up at 5am helping prepare the shop for the hoards of shoppers that will run through the doors as soon as you open up.

Black Friday brings in thousands and thousands of shoppers a year, all desperate for the best deals. We find that this day makes some of these shoppers go quiet crazy, we believe there are better things in the world to go crazy about and don’t always understand the reactions that some people have over cheap prices, and to prove this you can view this video of some of the most insane Black Friday moments ever.

Don’t worry about the mayhem though as Barcelona will not be as crazy! Barcelona’s Black Friday sales will be on the same day as in the USA. However, there will be fantastic offers before this so keep your eyes peeled!

If you are in Barcelona at this time, here is a list of shopping areas that will be great to hit for the Black Friday Sales.

  • Maremagnum shopping center on the waters of the Port of Barcelona.
  • Avinguda del Portal Del Angel, a massive street full of the best shops, that leads up to Plaza Catalunya.
  • Carrer Asturies, in the neighborhood of Gracia, which has lots of very unique shops for gifts while supporting local businesses.

How to win on Black Friday Online Shopping

Apart from the physical discounts you can receive in stores, there will be online sales on shops like, and even on holiday booking websites, so you could save on your next trip to Barcelona.

We all know that shopping online is no easy task and it requires some skill, which is why we want to share with you our personal tips to make the most out of your online shopping for Black Friday.

  1. Create your online profile
    Already know which websites you are most likely to buy from during the sales? Then go ahead and begin creating your online profile to save yourself some precious time.
  2. Create your wishlist
    Most of the online shopping websites have the option of creating a wishlist with the items you would like to buy. Surf the internet days before the sale begins, create your wishlist with the items you really need and want, and save it for the day of Black Friday. This will help you save time and possibly avoid buying items you do not really need during your shopping frenzy.
  3. Read the fine print
    Check the return policy on all the items you are going to buy and avoid any unfortunate surprises.
  4. Check the delivery date
    Remember there are many people buying items on the same day as you, so the delivery date for your shopping might be quiet long. This could be a problem if you are shopping for christmas presents.

Black Friday by Banksy

It does not matter if you are going to shop in person or online it always helps to prepare yourself before time and of course to enjoy your Black Friday shopping. Don’t forget to keep in mind what really matters in life and see things with a wide perspective. Please do not go crazy over “cheap prices”.  


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