Can’t make it to your Sweet BCN Accommodation anymore?

Your travel plans may change. Life happens. At Sweet BCN we understand.

Sometimes, our guests are not able to go on the trip they’ve planned and we do not want them to lose their money.

This is why, we have partnered with– a secure secondary marketplace for travel reservations. SpareFare connects guests who have reserved their accommodation, flights or holiday packages and can no longer use them, with buyers seeking discounted travel options.

If you have reserved your accommodation with Sweet BCN and can’t use it anymore, you can list your reservation on SpareFare. When you sell your reservation successfully, please email us at, and let us know the name and email address of your buyer. We will then send them an email to confirm their reservation with us.

Sweet BCN Accommodations does not charge its guests for name changes, so there is no fee if you sell your reservation to someone else. If you have any questions about how SpareFare works, we recommend you visit their FAQs page.

We are sorry that you are not able to stay with us this time, but we hope that our partnership with SpareFare will help you recover the funds you paid for your holiday.

We hope to see you on your next visit to Barcelona.


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