Diada of Sant Jordi – Day of St George in Barcelona

One of the most original and typical traditions in Catalunya is the celebration of the Diada or the day of Sant Jordi in Barcelona. 

Legend – Diada of Sant Jordi

The legend says that a courageous knight saved the princess of the town when she was captured by a fearful dragon that was menacing the townpeople. This noble knight is Saint George, or Sant Jordi in catalan, who slayed the dragon with his sword and as he bled his blood turned into roses.

Sant Jordi day in Barcelona, roses stands

Tradition – Diada in Barcelona

The current tradition invites the gentlemen to gift a rose to a lady while she corresponds giving him a book as a present, turning the streets in an ocean or color and scents.

Street vendors offer pass-byers roses to gift to their loved ones and we can obser in the different streets showings of affection between friends and lovers, vibes that transmit to the visitors in Barcelona to join this beautiful traditional festivity.

Books stand - Diada St Jordi Barcelona

A must stop to enjoy this great day in the city is also to visit the most known and concurred book stores. Many of them organize special events for this date such as book presentations, author signatures, and cocktail parties.

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Different associations, museums and cultural institutes in Barcelona hold open door days and activities for all, making of the Diada of Sant Jordi a day with a rich cultural offer.

Here you can see a video representation of the history of the Day of Sant Jordi in Barcelona made with playmobils. 


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