But why Sevilla?

And... Why Seville?
We recall a pleasant conversation with a painter who boasted in an eloquent tone, as many Sevillian people do, that Sevilla and the Betis were the best in the world. Listening to how he told us about his life as leader guide in this religious brotherhood with such energy and passion, made us think about how tradition, culture and love are transmitted from generation to generation in a very peculiar way.  Jesus, the painter, who was born in a village just 15 kilometers away from Sevilla city, is a clear example of why in Sevilla everyone has art running in their veins and poetry beating in their hearts. We are talking about people who are in love with their city and culture. Walking through their streets with the characteristic orange blossom scent, watching how they talk to each other from one balcony to the other or, simply by discovering a Flamenco cantaor (singer) in a typical bar, we can definitely understand why Jesus assures that Sevilla is the best in the world. He may travel to many places… but his heart will be always Sevillan, miarma! And... Why Seville? Every time our guests leave our hotel, it is very common to see how the city has left its mark and Sevillian charm on them and how they express their desire to come back to feel the Sevillian never going-out-of-fashion spark once more. ¿But why Sevilla? There’s a popular saying that assures: “An Andalusian can leave Andalucía, but Andalucía will never get out of an Andalusian”. This clearly applies to Sevilla, its people and its magic.  We don’t choose Sevilla, Sevilla chooses us. Each event, each person and thousands of experiences make this city a must in your trip to Spain.    At Sweet Sevilla Suites we love to discover new stories and experiences, as well as the expectations our guests have regarding this beautiful city. And... Why Seville? ¿Shall we travel? Book now and save on your next trip to Seville. Book now and Save up in your next travel to Seville. Use the Promo code sweetsocial and enjoy! Any doubts? Text us! We will be more than happy to help you out!

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