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Trying to stay on top of new tendencies, news, and obtaining touristic advice, in such a changing world like the one we currently live in, is one of the main neccesities of many tourists, both during their vacation planning and while they are travelling.

At Sweet BCN Touristic Accommodations we feel proud and enjoy very much living in the city of Barcelona. Because of this, we love to be able to share all of our expertise about such an important touristic destination in the world with all of our guests, social media followers, and friends.

Our goal is to try to maintain those tourists sufficiently informed about festivals, events, congresses, happenings, etc. that happen in the city of Barcelona. While also giving some helpful advice for their vacation and travel planning.

Thinking about this we have created a Newsletter, which will send one monthly email to all of our subscribers, containing general information about Barcelona, our best advice, recommendations, etc.

You will also receive our exclusive offers and promotions for our subscribers, that you may enjoy on your next visit to Barcelona (or if you wish you can share them with a friend that is planning on coming this wonderful city).

Just as well, as a special Newsletter release promotion, we will gift a coupon of 10% off for your reservation, to our first 500 subscribers. So do not lose time and receive this exclusive discount which is also transferable.
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