Advantages of Sweet Accommodations Travel Insurance

Medical assistance and travel assistance coverage

Medical or hospitalization expenses of up to 3000€.

Travel and flight incidence coverage

Early return of the insured due to hospitalization or declaration of a state of alarm.

Travel assistance services

Individualized medical advice oriented for

We want you to feel protected and calm during your stay at Sweet Accommodations.
Our commitment to you is to give our best to provide you with a quality service, always seeking excellence.

Therefore, by reserving your accommodation with us through any of our channels, you will be able to benefit from the advantages of the Sweet Accommodations Insurance, for only from € 10 per person per week.

With this insurance we reaffirm our commitment to your safety and complement our covid-19 health and hygiene actions and our commitment to sustainability.

Put your worries aside and feel calm as always by staying at Sweet Accommodations.

Check our availability and make your reservation with complete peace of mind.

If you already have a reservation with us and want to hire our insurance or have any questions,
feel free to write to us at

What types of coverage does the insurance offer?

  • Medical, pharmaceutical or hospitalization expenses in the country of origin or abroad, up to € 3,000.
  • Ontological emergency expenses abroad, up to € 200.
  • Advance of bonds for hospitalization abroad, up to € 3,000.
  • Extension of stay, € 100 per day / 7 days max.
  • Extension of stay in hotel due to medical quarantine or declaration of a state of alarm or notice of border closure, € 30 per day / 30 days max.
  • Unlimited shipping of medicines abroad.
  • Medical transfer or medical repatriation. Unlimited (Medical plane in Europe and Mediterranean riverside).
  • Sending of a specialist doctor abroad, unlimited.
  • Return expenses due to hospital discharge, up to € 250.
  • Unlimited travel expenses for a companion.
  • Living expenses for a companion of a hospitalized insured person, € 100 day / 7 days max.
  • Unlimited return expenses for companions (max. 3 companions).
  • Transfer or repatriation of mortal remains, unlimited.
  • Unlimited travel expenses for the companion of the mortal remains.
  • Return of companions of the deceased, unlimited (max. 3 companions)
  • Childcare, up to € 250.
  • Loss or theft of personal documents abroad, up to € 100.
  • Bonds and procedural expenses abroad, up to € 1000.
  • V.I.P. Services for incidents in the means of transport, up to € 100.
  • Early return of the insured due to the death of a family member, unlimited.
  • Early return of the insured due to hospitalization of a relative, unlimited.
  • Anticipated return of the insured due to a serious event in the residence, unlimited.
  • Early return due to declaration of a state of alarm or notice of border closure, up to € 1500.
  • Travel-oriented individualized medical advice for Covid-19, only for residents of Spain.
  • Cancellation.
  • Holiday reimbursement.

Sweet Accommodations is a company with a clear responsibility with all the main actors in our environment and society.

Our commitment to you is to offer you a comfortable and safe place for your stay. We want you to enjoy our accommodations without worries.