Discover and enjoy the modernist architecture in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for being a lively city, multicultural, multiethnic, and with its own very well defined character, a reference around the world for the large quantity of modernist architecture in Barcelona.

Because speaking about Barcelona is not only speaking about a way of life, it is speaking about architecture and its architectural gems, that cross borders and is very popular around the globe.

Speaking about Barcelona is speaking of Modernism and Modernist Architecture

It is going further than modernist architecture: it is painting, sculpture, and even urban design, as we can appreciate in the floor tiles of Passeig de Gracia or the details at the Palau de la Musica Catalana.

In this opportunity, we invite you to come with us and go through the Modernist Route that Barcelona offers us as a gift.

We also invite you to share your experience and pictures with us on our social networks, we would love to see what calls your attention the most.

Let麓s begin the route!

Casa Comalat Modernism Barcelona

Before beginning, a bit of history of Modernism in Barcelona聽

Looking back a bit, it is mainly at the end of the XIX century and beginning of the XX century when the modernist fever explodes in Catalunya, although it is in Barcelona where is reaches its peak.

Some of its most important figures are Lluis Dom猫nech I Montaner, Josep Puig I Cadafalch, Elies Rogent and Ram贸n Casas, all from whom the main modernist character, Antoni Gaudi, is inspired by.

The history of modernist architecture in Barcelona and modernism in general, looks into the past, the present and the future. It is current history that continues to develop.

The Temple of the Sagrada Familia (most likely the most representative and without a doubt the most famous of this style) demonstrates this: the end of the works is estimated, in at least, half a century.

Modern art in Barcelona constitutes a milestone in itself and responds to a will and a way of doing from a society and a culture, printing a unique urban character to the city skyline.

A review of the Barcelona Modernist Route

For everyone who comes to Barcelona, it is unmissable to visit the wonders that this city beholds, considered world capital in this architectural style.

Although there are different ways of falling in love with the Catalan capital, in this occasion we suggest you something special: wake up to the magnificence of modernist architecture taking a route around our lovely city.

Modernist Route Map

The Modernist Route and its architecture in Barcelona, designed by the City Government, includes 116 works for the enjoyment of whom completes it.

This trail offers several possibilities to its visitors, depending on the time and money you can dedicate to it.

In the same way, it not only offers modernist architecture, it also gives you the opportunity to appreciate the city from a different point of view, including in their guide bars (such as the Almirall), restaurants (like El Mirador) and stores (such as Bakery Escrib谩).

A curiosity: there is a mark on the street that indicates the correct way for the walker: the famous red tiles, placed throughout the city.

famous red mark for modernist route

Helpful Advice

The Barcelona City Government offers us a list of the 30 basic places that we should visit on the route, you can see the list here.

Within the route, there are buildings and public spaces that we should not miss on visiting, for example Casa Batll贸, La Pedrera, Palau de la M煤sica, Park Guell, Casa Amatller, Hospital de Santa Creu y Sant Pau, Casa Fuster, Casa Vicenc, Boqueria Market, and Sagrada Familia (the most visited monument in Spain), many of which are located just a stone throw away from our Sweet BCN Accommodations.

So much so, that our Sweet BCN Youth Hostel is in the heart of the district for modernist architecture in Barcelona, the Eixample. Being actually located inside a building that is protected architectural patrimony of the city. If you would like to stay and sleep in a hostel with original modernist architecture, you should stay with us! Book your stay here.

Some of these buildings and monuments have free entrance for the enjoyment of our senses (and our wallets), for example, Palau Guell, and a large part of Park Guell (except the monumental area).

Remember also to take advantage of the discounts for retired, underage children, and unemployed people that the route has: your pockets will thank you for this.

To check the permanent discounts for the modernist route, click here.

Fundaci贸n Antoni Tapies

Many times it is hard to choose between the several possibilities to discover and go around Barcelona.

Either if it is your first time seeing the city, or if you want to explore a new 鈥渟pecial鈥 vision, we recommend you the Modernist Architecture Route as an excellent alternative.

Definitely, it is much more than just a route, it is the ideal choice to discover the city in a unique and authentic way.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do on our day to day, and may your visit to Barcelona be as pleasurable as you want it to be.

See you next time!


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