The Neighborhood Festivities in Barcelona

Summer is approaching, you are preparing yourself to visit this beautiful mediterranean city and you are probably asking yourself, What is there to do in Barcelona?

festivities of Poblesec in Barcelona

We know that the catalan capital is famous for its nightlife, but in this article we are not making reference to this type of party, we want to shed light on the neighborhood festivities in Barcelona.

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With the arrival of summer, several neighborhoods in Barcelona celebrate their traditional festivities. Each year, neighbors dedicate part of their free time to maintain one of the most beautiful traditions in the catalan city. The streets are filled with decorations and color, the neighborhoods are full of activities for everyone from all ages, locals and tourists alike.

Here at Sweet BCN  we want to invite you to enjoy the Neighborhood Festivities in Barcelona! Keep on reading and we will tell you more details about these important traditions.

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Castellers at the Vila de Gràcia in Barcelona

The Festivities of Gràcia, a bit of history

One of the most emblematic and, considered by many the best one of the neighborhood festivities, is the Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia, the most important event at the Vila de Gràcia.

The neighborhood of Gràcia was a small farmer town, separated from the main nucleus of Barcelona, that has been transformed and incorporated with the expansion of the city. 

This traditional neighborhood still maintains its narrow streets transmitting a small town sensation, which makes it super special, without forgetting its customs, it keeps its traditions and origins very alive.  

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The Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia, so says the story, started as a way to pay homage to San Isidro (patron saint of the neighborhood). Tradition was created to decorate the streets and since the 40’s, the party has evolved into what it is today, dates full of concerts, open air cook-outs and activities for adults and kids. 

The beginning of the festivities is very exciting with the well known “Traques”. From the early morning hours, street explosions and fireworks announce the launch of the celebration. 

If you are on vacation in Barcelona and want to live an authentic local experience, this is the best chance to try typical food, drinks and enjoy traditional dances and watch the famous castellers. 

Festivities of the neighborhood of Sants in Barcelona

Festivities of Sants

A few days after the end of the Gràcia festivities, you can continue the celebrations and Barcelona traditions at the Fiesta Mayor de Sants. 

At these festivities the plazas and streets are decorated with several themes, organized by the neighbors associations, conserving a 100 year old tradition. 

The same way as in Gràcia, at the end of the Sants parties there is a prize for the best decorated street.

The main pilar of the festivity is to unleash the popular tradition, so the celebrations always include: Gegants (Gigant figures), castellers (human castles), corre-focs (fire shows), same as popular dances such as sardanas, collective cook outs, popular songs and much more. 

To finish the festivities, takes place the famous “Correfoc de Sants” together with a firework show, lights and lots of fun.

Fiestas de PobleSec in Barcelona

Festivities of Poble sec

When the good weather starts in Barcelona, the best way to celebrate it is at the Fiestas de Poble-Sec during the month of July.

In these festivities you can delight yourself with more catalán traditions. Each neighborhood has its own history so you will definitely not get bored during the neighborhood festivities in Barcelona. 

If you want to enjoy the Poble Sec Parties to the max, it is best that you go near Plaça del Sortidor, Plaça de las Tres Xemeneies or Plaça del Teatro el Molino, epicenters of the festivity. 

After partying and celebrating you will most likely want to rest. Thankfully we are in the city considered the pearl of the mediterranean, which gives us the luxury to enjoy beautiful beaches near the urban center and even better ones a bit further away (such as Canet de Mar for example).  

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See you at the festivities!


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