Romantic things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona in itself, is a very romantic city, with it’s dark, narrow streets, full of history and its beautiful plazas with fountains, where buskers fill the silence with melodic guitar notes.

The cosmopolitan city never ceases to amaze us with every turn we make. We are lucky to be able to enjoy its plazas, streets and gardens with romantic sceneries, and we want you to enjoy them too. 

If you are looking for romantic things to do with your loved one in Barcelona, be sure to check out these places for a great setting! Thank us later!

Ciudadela Park

Romantic things to do in Barcelona. Ciudadela Park

Pack your date a picnic, put some cheese and wine, and head to this park, situated on Passeig de Picasso 21, near the Arc de Triumf. You can row a boat on the small lake, or pick your favorite spot in the park. This is the perfect warm up to throw in a few more extra activities from this list!


Bar Jardin

A jug of Sangria in a hidden tropical garden might be more up your alley? Check out the hidden gem, Bar Jardin on Calle Portaferrisa, kick it and enjoy.

Relax in the quiet garden away from the hustle and bustle. We recommend this bar when you feel like chilling with a cold drink.  Here is a link to their trip advisor.

The Famous Bunkers del Carmel

Romantic things to do in Barcelona. Bunkers del Carmel.

Another romantic place in Barcelona and also perfect for a picnic is the famous bunkers. This time you can enjoy your wine and cheese with stunning views. These are war bunkers built to protect the city during the Spanish Civil War and has one of the best views of Barcelona, which has also been featured on film. This is a must see in Barcelona!

*Get there by taking bus number 24 direction Carmel*

Plaza San Felip Neri

One of the most historic and romantic squares of Barcelona. Surrounded by renaissance buildings and the facade of Church San Felip Neri. Its history is also related to the Spanish Civil War as it was hit by a bomb in January 1938 which you can see remaining from part of the damage caused.

You might be delighted by the presence of a guitar player while you stroll down the plaza. Located just around the corner of the Gothic Cathedral, it is unfortunately a place in Barcelona missed by many.

[su_note note_color=”#51b053″]FUN FACT
Plaza San Felip Neri is featured in Woody Allen’s film “ Vicky and Cristina Barcelona”. Are you a movie lover? See more places in Barcelona that were featured on films here.

Park of the Horta Labyrinth 

Park of the Labyrinth of Horta in Barcelona

This is the most historic romantic garden still intact in Barcelona. 

We recommend you get lost in this magnificent labyrinth, full of greek statues, together with your significant other. We believe this is an ideal spot for a romantic photo session to top your vacations in Barcelona. 


If you want to keep enjoying the best views of the city, this is your spot, a bar where you will have Barcelona at your feet.  

We recommend this place not only for its amazing views but also for its great atmosphere. Enjoy your great company while listening to good music, and if you feel like it, you better dance!


If you want to get extra cheesy and go catch a movie in original language then you should head to these cinemas.

Yelmo Icaria

Renoir Floridablanca

Cine Verdi

Magic Nights at Casa Batlló

Magic Nights at Casa Batlló Barcelona

This is by far one of our favorite romantic plans in Barcelona. Combine the magic and art of Antoni Gaudi visiting the famous Casa Batlló, starting at 20hrs, and end the experience with an open air concert in its beautiful terrace overlooking the city. Check their availability and reserve your tickets clicking here. 

Romantic gifts in Barcelona

Romantic things to do in Barcelona

Just around the corner from Sweet BCN Youth Hostel, at Carrer Valencia 320, you have Floristeries Navarro open 24 hours, this one can save you from a big one!

Complement your flowers with chocolate from a shop at Street Petritxol, historically known for its chocolates and a great sidewalk to stroll around for sweets.

Original Ideas

Want to spend time with your loved one in more original ways? Do you have an adventurer spirit? 

Here are some things you can do and be more original with your partner.

Virtual Reality

Take your date to the Virtual Playground in Barcelona! This awesome new place has just opened up on Carrer del Pi, and features games connected with VR headsets.

Guaranteed to be a fun, new and exciting activity, watch as your date flails his arms around avoiding monsters, or saving the day. This will get you laughing in no time!

Barcelona Urban Forest

Do you like extreme sports and climbing

This is the first adventure park in the city. While you enjoy the bridges, ropes and bungees, you will also have a sea view to the mediterranean. 

This urban forest has 3 circuits depending on the level. Check out their site here. 

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are quickly becoming a favorite. The idea is that you and whoever you go with, have 60 minutes to solve riddles, puzzles, find clues and race against the clock to get out! From Gaudi themed, to horror stories based on facts, there are all sorts of Escape rooms you can try out! We recommend Jigsaw Escape room if want to feel macabre. A very unique thing to do in Barcelona.  Here are a few for your perusal:


Chicken Banana Room

Party in Barcelona

You might very well feel like partying on a romantic night. Click here if you want to see our recommendations on Barcelona nightlife.

If you are one of our guests, during your stay with Sweet BCN ask our guest experience team to put you on the free list to some of the main cubs in Barcelona.

Barcelona celebrates its very own Valentine’s day on Sant Jordi Day, which falls on April 23rd and it’s characterized by gifting roses and books amongst loved ones.

Will all these ideas now you have many romantic things to do in Barcelona, it’s in your hands to make the moment count. Go out and enjoy!


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