Sustainable Tourism Program at Sweet BCN

We strongly believe in the power that the tourism and travel industry have to improve several adverse situations in our societies, which is what sustainable tourism aims to achieve. 

Travelers are in general terms respectful with the environment, conscious and open minded people. The more we travel the more we learn, and the more we realize the difficulties that some must suffer. The intercultural exchanges and experiences we live while we travel give us the capacity to observe any current state of affairs from different perspectives, an advantage that we should maximize and exploit.

Should we leave the solutions to the problems in the governments hands? Of course not! Can we us people contribute to the positive changes in our society? By all means!

Thanks to our experience as a company hosting guests from around the world in our apartments, guesthouse and hostel in Barcelona, we recognize that many travelers are interested in taking part of sustainable activities and contributing positively to their travel destination yet most do not know where to go.

It is in our hands, as tourism business, to be able to guide this conscious travelers towards sustainable activities and services that are friendly with their ecosystem.

This is why at Sweet BCN Accommodations we are constantly looking for collaborations with entrepreneurs and associations that allow us and our guests to be part of the change. We understand that our guests are travelers visiting Barcelona wanting to discover the city and have a good time and with that basis we create collaborations that make sense to participate during vacations.

Our Sustainable Tourism Program

This program is the way we organize events and activities with strategic partners to bring value to our guests and minority groups in our society. This program is in constant development, always looking for new collaborations and ways at which we can all participate.

Currently we proudly collaborate with 2 organizations. 

Abrazo Cultural

Abrazo Cultural is an non for profit organization that offers language classes, workshops and cultural experiences, taught by people from countries in conflicts or stigmatized.

How exactly do we collaborate?

We organize dinners at Sweet BCN Youth Hostel where the chef is part of the organization Abrazo Cultural and comes from a country at conflict. We learn about typical food from their country, share the table and stories about life. With these dinners we want to break barriers and stereotypes with rich and unique cultural and gastronomic exchange experience.

Dinner with Abraza Cultural and Sweet BCN - Sustainable Tourism

These special dinners are prepared for our guests and friends at Sweet BCN. If you are interested in participating check our events calendar in facebook to be in the know.

Homeless Entrepreneur

Homeless Entrepreneur is an organization that offers resources, tools, knowledge, a professional and personal support network, and dignity to homeless people, to help them become the professionals they used to be. Be it as employees or entrepreneurs.

How exactly do we collaborate?

Sweet BCN is part of their support network. Our marketing manager, Gian Franco, is involved in personally helping the network and organization in any ways that are within his reach.

Currently we are sponsors of their next event #HomelessHolidays that has as a main objective to offer the opportunity of enjoying 24 hours of vacations to 9 people in the Barcelona program. This symbolic action will show a good gesture coming from the hotel and turism industry to empower homeless people that are compromised in succeeding through their work.

#HomelessHolidays Sustainable Tourism Sweet BCN

Do you know or are you a part of any association with which we could collaborate? Do not hesitate to write us at

Sustainable Tourism Partners in Barcelona

There are plenty of entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to do good things and we have decided to recommend their products or services to our guests, contributing to the local and conscious economy:

Everest Mindful Thaiboxing
MuayThai and HIIT exercises training, breathing and meditation at the beach. They also organize 2 monthly sessions at which all benefits are donated to an organization for children in Nepal. 

Donkey Tours
Free walking tours of Barcelona.

GudBike Tours
Free bike tours. Sustainable transport to discover the city.

FLOR Tour Etico
Guided, zero waste, vegan and ethical consumption tours.

Feel by Doing
Sustainable and responsible experiences in Catalunya.

Bicicletas Guachin
Project for recuperating and renovating bicycles in bad state that allows us to offer bikes to our guests for the low price of 5 euros per day.


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