Solo travel in Barcelona


Traveling alone is an authentic experience incomparable to any other. Solo travel in Barcelona gives you the opportunity to enjoy your vacations on your own schedule, confidence and a chance to feel free.

If you want to develop a deeper knowledge of the world and grow as a person, solo travel will provide you with the perspective needed exactly for that.retfq23

Solo travel has no age. Our guest Blazena from Prague truly inspired us.

Solo travel in Barcelona

Current trends of solo travel in Europe and the world

Solo travel is a new rising trend. According to a survey made by, close to one in every four travellers showed willingness in traveling solo, and Google notes a 40% rise in searches related to solo travel.

As this is clearly a new trend in travel, many believe that it will keep rising in the upcoming years.

Advantages of solo travel in Barcelona

Solo travel has nothing to do with your relationship status or your lack of friends to travel with. People are choosing to leave their loved ones behind to travel around the world on their own terms and get some much needed quality time alone.

Solo travel in Barcelona

Let’s explore some of the advantages of this way of traveling and exploring the world.

1.- Opportunity to connect with your travel destination and its people in a more personal level.
2.- Experience the local culture from a closer perspective.
3.- People find you more approachable when you travel alone, you will most likely have lots of great conversations with strangers.
4.- Better chances of meeting and connecting with new people and making new friends from around the world.
5.- Travel at your own pace. You decide where and when to go.
6.- Leaving your comfort zone is the best way to grow and mature.
7.- When traveling solo, many people decide to stay in hostels and shared dormitories, which means saving money on accommodation.


As with life itself, solo travel also has its peculiar disadvantages, so let’s explore them as well:

1.- If you have trouble communicating with other travellers or you are very attached to your loved ones, you might feel some loneliness during your travel.
2.- Security and safety are big points to pay special attention when traveling solo.
3.- Some tours and activities will seem more expensive when buying only for 1 person.
4.- You might take more time planning, and if you are not experienced it may seem more difficult to plan for your travel alone.

Now that you have balanced out the up and downsides, we are sure that you will take the leap and give solo travel a try. To make things easier we are going to share some advice with you.

Solo travel in Barcelona

Advice for solo travel in Barcelona

1.- Pack light. Make sure you make your list of essentials before you begin packing and take with you only the things that you are sure to use and need during your travels. Traveling with heavy luggage and alone can get complicated.
2.- Plan ahead. You do not want to experience uncomfortable surprises or miss a special visit on your destination. Do your homework and plan and prepare before you travel. Leaving space for flexibility and spontaneity is a must as well. If you are coming to Barcelona, click here to read some advice to discover unique places to visit in the city.
3.- Arrive to your destination early. You will feel safer and will be able to take public transportation to your accommodation.
4.- Connect with fellow travelers. Staying in hostels is one of the easiest options to connect with travelers. Keep an open mind and try to be an extrovert. You will meet amazing people along the way.
5.- Connect with locals. Go to the local cafeterias and public spaces. Approach locals and ask them for advice, they know more about the destination than any other. We recommend you to connect with them on ViaHero.
6.- Sign up for language courses. You can join different courses and meetings in your travel destination. A great way to do so is through the meetup website.
7.- Participate in free walking tours to get to know the history of the city while meeting other travellers. In Barcelona, we recommend Donkey Tours.
8.- Always keep a list of important phone numbers with you and a copy of your documents as well.
9.- Avoid unsafe, dark and unpopulated areas.
10.- Use one or many of these digital ways to connect with locals and travellers: ViaHero,,,

Solo travel in Barcelona

We hope that you decide to take on your next adventure and travel solo. Take your time to travel slow and enjoy the essence of each destination at your own pace. If your travels bring you to Barcelona, make sure you get in touch with Sweet BCN and we will offer you our best available rates. You can also write us an email at and we will send you our best available offers.

Wishing you amazing travels and adventures!

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